Our mission is to help facilitate collaborations between veteran-owned small businesses, providing a gateway
for entrepreneurs to access resources, programs, funding and more.

  1. IEAP Self-Employment Plans

    Veteranscorp specializes in providing management consulting and feasibility studies for Chapter 31 IWRP and IEAP self-employment business plans, in addition to franchise development concepts and opportunities. Please complete the form below the image to have a representative from Veteranscorp contact you directly.
  2. The Veterans Corporation comes to Oregon!

    When it to comes to success in reintegrating Veterans with their communities, it’s the “last mile” that counts the most. Connections to economic opportunities in the local economy are most important to the individual Veteran and his/her family. The Veterans Corporation (TVC), (now a trade name of Veterans Business Services,...
  3. Win-Win-Win for EBV Graduates

    Foundations expected to increase their support of Veteran-owned social enterprise franchises It’s a win-win-win for EBV Graduates! The Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) is a consortium of ten major universities which include Syracuse University, St. Joseph’s University, Purdue University and seven others across the United States. This EBV...
  4. Combat Veterans with PTSD: Stigma or Solution to an Enigma?

    Everyone seems to want to help Combat Veterans who through necessity and sometimes via a stigma are drawn to self-employment via franchising and small business entrepreneurship. A problem however is there are so many educational efforts, government initiatives with a plethora of different small business service providers and multiple nonprofit...

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