Even though we are nonprofit, all contributions must be made directly to the non-profits listed below which focus on Veterans charitable issues.

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Our featured nonprofit organizations are:

100 Entrepreneurs Project

Over the past eight years, Bob Nilsson, a Veteran and a long time executive at Turner Construction, has been helping returning soldiers at Walter Reed explore their entrepreneurial dreams. He found that the minds of wounded warriors are full of ideas and inventions. Some of the soldiers had innovative ideas like an invention to improve the handles of equipment used by amputees so that they work more effectively with the human hand. Bob began to think about how he could help these wounded soldiers explore their entrepreneurial dreams. He could see a spark in their eyes!Along with Amanda Weathersby and her team at QA Company LLC, Bob has built the 100 Entrepreneurs Project which has put together 100 case studies and business lessons learned for classes that are available free to soldiers at Walter Reed. Volunteer Entrepreneurs join classes as speakers, and in some cases, provide internships and mentoring to veterans interested in starting their own businesses. A recent case study was Pleasance Silicki, whose remarkable yoga business, Lil Omm, offers specialized classes to reduce stress among unique groups, including the caregivers of wounded. In collaboration with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families and the Bob Woodruff Foundation, the 100 Entrepreneurs Project promotes grants to attend events like the National Veteran Small Business Conference and Exposition. Some of the participants go on to attend college or MBA programs, and some go on to start a business of their own.For more information or to make a larger direct donations please contact Bob Nilsson at RobertN802@aol.com or 917-403-8807



SemperMax Support Fund was established in 2009 as a continuation of the legacy of team healing initiated in 2005 by LtCol Tim Maxwell with the concept of the Wounded Warrior Barracks (Maxwell Hall) at Camp Lejeune, NC. During his time as the USMC spokesman for wounded veterans and their families, he and his wife, Shannon, learned that injuries to the body, no matter how severe, are not the main problem.Referred to by many wounded veterans and their families, including the Maxwells, as “a battle,” the invisible issues are far more difficult than any of us predicted. Battles occur in medical issues (too much or too little medicine, doctors opinions, physical evaluation board, etc.), personal relationships, future profession abilities, PTSD, depression, etc. While every warrior does not have to fight the same battle, most of them fight their battles at every phase of recovery.


In both war and peace, warriors have a partner—a buddy. Whether an E-3 or an O-7, when warriors kick in a door to clear a room, someone needs to be “on your 6.” True warriors understand this term. True warriors know what it feels like to have someone covering them. Without them, the chance of victory is very low. And yet, nearly every warrior refuses to ask for help when fighting this “different” type of war. And like a regular war, without a partner, without a team, their chances of victory are very low.Information, motivation, humor, and new ideas shared between warriors with the same experience are the most powerful medicine in the world, and can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives. Togetherness is the most powerful weapon of them all.The SemperMax Support Fund serves wounded, ill, injured, and Gold Star families from all branches of the military.

You can learn more at www.SemperMax.com


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