Collaboration ModelWe live in a difficult business world, and this is especially true for start-up small businesses. Veteran small business people have the opportunity to leverage goodwill from existing institutions, indirectly supporting their business plan objectives.

Relationships are the key to making things happen. Simply asking for help from community, philanthropic, business, educational and government entities can accelerate progress. In short, collaboration with diverse institutions can lead to critical resources, endorsements, cross marketing synergies, acceleration of business plans, government support and goodwill in the marketplace.

Veterans have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by sharing their stories and plans with a diverse audience. We can never know the potential outcomes unless we take the risk of reaching out to others in order to “connect the dots”.

Our mission at is to facilitate collaborative strategies in order to put Veteran small business owners on the path to success.Our collaborative model represents a fluid process dedicated to connecting Veterans with small business support. We will assist Veterans with filling any and all of the blanks.

Have an idea for a small business collaboration? Get in touch with us by filling out our Collaboration Form. Or, click the link below to learn how real Veterans have achieved success through collaboration.


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