About Us


The Veteranscorp.org mission is to help structure and facilitate collaborations between nonprofit and profit small business entities and veteran/service disabled veteran owned small businesses. Veteranscorp.org , also dba The Veterans Corporation, follows the mission created by  Congress under Public Law 106-50. The new Veteranscorp.org is not chartered by Congress but has assumed the original mission: to help and educate Veterans in small business. To accomplish its mission, Veteranscorp.org acts as clearinghouse for ideas and information deemed useful to veteran and service disabled veteran owned small businesses. Veteranscorp.org also acts as a clearinghouse for soliciting and distributing small business information to the general public. For consideration of any possible collaboration, please get in touch!


In the course of carrying out its mission, Veteranscorp.org relies 100% on volunteers to assist Veteran small business projects and run help desk initiatives. Veteranscorp.org is interested in identifying “Team Members” in all 50 states with a desire to help Veterans achieve their dreams in small business. Please click below to complete a questionnaire and begin your exploration of the requirements and commitments associated with becoming an Ambassador for Veteranscorp.org.  >>  VOLUNTEER

Financial Support

Veteranscorp.org relies on income from advertising and participation in self-sustaining public/private partnerships with Veteran-owned businesses. We do accept contributions for our help desk, website or clearinghouse activities and welcome collaborative ideas. Any excess proceeds accumulated by Veteranscorp.org at the end of each calendar year will be distributed to pre-vetted third party 501(c)3 organizations whose charitable purposes are to help Veterans. Please click the Donate button below to review pre-vetted 501(c)3 entities.  >>  DONATE


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