Governor Snyder and General Casey Support the Patriot Boot Camp Team in Detroit

So why would a Governor and a General  spend some of their weekend at Ford Field? The Lions Game? Maybe, but first they came to help make  the Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) a success in Detroit. TechStars, now a venture player in Detroit, is a successful international startup venture accelerator and the sponsor PBC in 2012. PBC has been helping Veteran entrepreneurs across the nation ever since.

The original idea came from Taylor McLemore at TechStars who was weekend’s star PBC mentor in Detroit. He’s an expert in how to make a business pitch “Rock”. Taylor is not a Veteran but one can certainly not deny his passion for helping as many Veterans as possible be successful in the venture world. He was inspirational leader for the PBC event, encouraging Veterans to be brave with their business ideas. He coached Veterans on their approach to selling themselves and their ideas to the investment community. Taylor has business battle scars himself from prior successes and failures which gained him respect and credibility quickly from Veteran entrepreneurs.

And PBC has expanded it reach this year and brought in a new team. Although the team, led by Charlotte Creech and Sean Madday is lean they run the PBC like a military unit. They set objectives for knowledge sharing in each Bootcamp and then reach them with an excellent use of volunteers and mentors during and after each Bootcamp. PBC focuses entirely on the art and strategy for obtaining risk capital in Veteran owned startups. PBC advocates a practical approach – a flexible marching type pace to acquire the knowledge and relationships necessary to test a strategy for obtaining venture capital and more.

If there was a theme in Detroit for Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) it was just practical no nonsense advice: get it done – succeed or fail fast: step up to champion your own vision for your investment opportunity.
PBC has now helped many Veterans begin building their own private ecosystems for equity. Their approach overlays and leverages existing methods for networking. It works! The Boot Camps are offered several times a year. If your a Veteran and need to understand how equity works, go get involved..