Veterans Career Mentoring Program

Calling All Post 9/11 Veterans!

The West Chester County and surrounding business communities have come together to create the Veterans Career Mentoring Program. To date, 30 companies have already committed from finance, healthcare, energy, IT, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, management, law, construction, hospitality, sports, education, automotive, not-for-profit, real estate and sales. The West Chester Bank is spearheading this unique program to assist Veterans who are re-entering the workforce. We’d like you to join us! Veterans Career Mentoring Program

This is NOT a jobs fair: We know that job fairs are, too often, a waste of time for Veterans. So we’ve come up with something that’s going to make very good use of your time… a chance to meet prospective employers, hear firsthand what they’re looking for, and get insider tips on how to get into their different businesses. You’ll have an inside track with the people you meet, and who knows, an internship – maybe more!

We’ll Educate Companies About the Value Veterans Bring to the Workplace: The morning session is exclusively for companies to create a better understanding of how to translate Veterans skills and strengths into their business hiring needs/goals. Companies will see first-hand examples of mentoring and internship programs that have yielded mutually beneficial results – veterans who found employment and companies that found great employees.

Better Prepare Veterans About Companies: Veterans arrive at noon for lunch and afternoon sessions with companies that will result in a stronger understanding of requirements needed toward identifying and initiating a successful career path for you.

Why: This is a golden opportunity to meet committed company executives – the beginning of relationships that could help launch your new career! And if you can get yourself to the Metro-North train station in Rye, NY, on the 25th we’ll get you to and from the event!

Program Information
Date: February 25th, 2014 (Tuesday)
Place: Hilton West Chester, 699 West Chester Ave., Rye Brook, NY
Time: 10:00am – Noon, Company only sessions
11:00am – 11:45am, Veterans Check-in
Noon – 1:00pm lunch
1:00pm – 3:00pm, Veteran & Company Breakout Sessions
Sign Up Today…It’s Easy
Just follow these 3 simple steps… and you’ll be registered to attend.
1. Email or call Jim Bunn, Program Director: or (203) 981-3849
2. Provide Jim your name and career area of interest (if you wish to share)
3. You’ll receive a confirming email invitation and will be officially registered
You’ve done your part serving your country.
Now it’s our turn to serve you…Please Join Us!