The Person-Entrepreneurial Leadership Fit Instrument (PELFI) Questionnaire

The person-entrepreneurial leadership fit instrument (PELFI) questionnaire is a tool an entrepreneur or business owner can use to help determine the match between themselves as a person to the concept of entrepreneurial leadership in which the higher the fit the higher the likelihood for entrepreneurial leadership success. This tool will be helpful for Veteran entrepreneurs seeking to understand how their leadership through the entrepreneurial new venture process can have implications for sustainment, success, and growth.

About the Researcher:
John Bennett, is a Veteran and a scientific researcher who consults with small business owners and entrepreneurs on the concept of entrepreneurial leadership. He is founder and CEO of the Research and Social Entrepreneurial Leadership (RENSEL) Corporation and a board member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Institute. He is an affiliate researcher of, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and U.S. Army in which he conducts organizational and industrial applied research to improve the quality and performance of business processes and organizational behaviors. If you have any questions John can be contacted through email at

At the end of the questionnaire participants are able to request a summary report of their results by entering an email address. The questionnaire should only take from 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Data will only be reported in summary format and no individual responses will be highlighted in the results of this questionnaire. All responses to the questionnaire are kept confidentially anonymous.

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