Red Lion Project

redlionWill the Marines go the distance in support of a fallen Marine’s dream?

An old Army grunt issues a challenge to help make the Red Lion Project a reality.

It’s common for service members to tease each other about which branch of the armed forces is the best and who carries the heaviest load to support their missions.  However when it comes to supporting brothers in arms that made the ultimate sacrifice their all of one mind: Remember them!

So beginning on November 17th in Philadelphia at least one old Army grunt (65 years young or older) will enter a marathon to help fulfill a life time dream of a fallen Marine, Joey Logan, who was one of the Fallen Six who lost their lives trying to fulfill a mission of a unit known as the 363 Red Lions. The Fallen Six made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan in 2011. Now Tom Logan, Joey’s father, has organized the Red Lions Project that will honor his son and also offer a respite for returning heroes and their families who need some time to adjust after the stress of war.

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