ACP AdvisorNet is ready for prime time – it’s a new social network for Veterans who need help in life and business.

Sid needs good questions and good answers now!

When you have already created one of the most successful mentoring programs in the country for post 9/11-Veterans, what’s next?  For American Corporate Partners, “next” is  building a social network for their 1500 (and growing) mentees, which will let anybody help any Veteran by just taking a few minutes out of their day to post a question or give an answer.  Easier said than done!  The problem with a social network is getting consistency, quality and momentum from a variety of knowledgeable people.

But don’t underestimate ACP.  The ACP AdvisorNet beta is complete and growing.  More importantly, there’s a great staff at ACP who are strongly committed to the effort. Many Veterans seek help and advice with employment, career development and business, so the AdvisorNet uses those categories to easily explore questions and answers.  The great thing about the ACP AdvisorNet tool is that it’s open to all users: Veterans helping Veterans; People helping Veterans; even People helping People.

So who is this Sid guy anyway? All we know is he’s not a Veteran. Imagine that! He’s just a good guy who has committed his days to helping Veterans.  He’s also a guy who has convinced dozens of major corporations to support his simple mission of helping Veterans get on with their lives.  Thanks Sid!  Now it’s our turn to contribute.

Sid needs a little help with ACP AdvisorNet right now.  So please take a minute, take a look and try it out.  Your participation and feedback are the key to creating a social network dedicated to helping Veterans and their communities.