VA will try to Push Self-Employment Track in Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE) Program

The Veterans Administration recently brought in over 100 VRE counselors to learn new skill sets, which will help VRE counselors gain better insight into how to advise their clients on accessing the necessary resources to implement a successful small business. partnered with Joining Force’s Veterans Fast Launch Program to explain how VRE clients can access free small business planning services and the technology to organize their small business journey. presented a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, which can be very useful for a VRE client to manage his/her progress and communicate confidentially with multiple team members as well as the VRE counselor.

In addition, now that the VA has issued guidelines for its staff to participate in public social networking forums such as, VRE counselors are now empowered to both solicit small business information and participate in online forums to help their VRE clients achieve success in self-employment plans.

VRE session participants included SCORE, SBA, and