Featured Collaboration: Prevail Health Systems

Vets Prevail

Prevail is a veteran-owned business with a mission to implement solutions for depression related illnesses, initially concentrating on educating the Veteran population suffering from PTSD on the signs and symptoms of their condition and the treatment resources available to them. Read on below to learn how Veteranscorp.org contributed to Prevail’s collaborative small business success story. Learn more about Prevail Health Systems and their collaborators at National Launch of Vetsprevail.


With the support of Veteranscorp, Prevail reached out to other veteran organizations in order to promote their PTSD self-assessment tool within the “Veteran Community”. This initial effort eventually helped over 2000 US Veterans suffering from PTSD. As a result of this effort, Prevail garnered lasting community support and developed a messaging/marketing format for the promotion of the Vetsprevail program.  Prevail’s method of outreach is so effective in educating the public that it eventually helped them win the Pepsi Challenge in June 2011. 


Prevail reached out to Veteranscorp in order to learn the language and processes of the private philanthropic world, a resource not usually available to small business.  Prevail collaborated with Veteranscorp on a grant strategy for the Vetsprevail clinical trial, which  led to a $270,000 grant from Veteranscorp via funds provided by the McCormick Foundation. As a direct result of their collaboration with Veteranscorp, Prevail was rewarded with a key building block in their business strategy.


When Prevail sought the support of Veteranscorp, they got more than they expected – personal service, outreach to local financial intermediaries, hands-on participation in their angel equity round event. Veteranscorp also provided financial strategic advice for Prevail, including a crash course on the dos & don’ts of SBA financing and a better understanding of how to leverage Veteran status.


Richard Gengler and Roge Sweis originally developed Prevail while collaborating at the University of Chicago. Their experience and relationships within the academic sphere led to partnerships with other educational entities, such as Rush University. Other institutions, e.g. Northwestern University, contributed free legal services for Veteran owned businesses.  These collaborations represent a new platform for leveraging relationships in support of small business goals.


Prevail has received three grants from the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. Some of the most innovative and successful American companies come through the SBIR program, and Prevail Health Solutions is proud to be included in their ranks. The funding has supported the development of Prevail’s online delivery platform and content development process. Given the peer-reviewed nature of the SBIR process, these grants are a significant vote of confidence in Prevail’s technology.  While Veteranscorp did not have an active role in the grant process, our support for the initial clinical trial contributed to the renewal of the SBIR grant.