Our mission is to help facilitate collaborations between veteran-owned small businesses, providing a gateway
for entrepreneurs to access resources, programs, funding and more.

  1. VBS seeks support for its VA Self-Employment Pilot

    VBS seeks support for its VA Self-Employment Pilot  to help build the  small business dreams for those that have borne the battle. Since the beginning of 2012 I have been working to prove out a self-funding business model for use by aspiring Service Disabled Veteran entrepreneurs (SDVs), especially those with...
  2. A One Man NGO stands out

    The George W. Bush Institute Summit explores best practices of NGOs seeking to help transitioning veterans: Today more than 45,000 Non-Government  Organizations (NGOs) serve  U.S. military veterans and their families. Some of these non-profits have long traditions of caring for members of the military, while others are just getting started....
  3. SBA Advisory Committee for Veterans Business Affairs shows a new approach to helping Veterans in small business. Maybe “nononsense”in 2015?

    After Chairman Ed Fielder brought the Committee to order in its last meeting of the year, it seemed as though there might be something quite different in his approach for 2015. His attitude was one of definitive “order” for a full agenda that covered topics like Procurement, Capital Access, Integration...

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