Our mission is to help facilitate collaborations between veteran-owned small businesses, providing a gateway
for entrepreneurs to access resources, programs, funding and more.

  1. Win-Win-Win for EBV Graduates

    Foundations expected to increase their support of Veteran-owned social enterprise franchises It’s a win-win-win for EBV Graduates! The Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) is a consortium of ten major universities which include Syracuse University, St. Joseph’s University, Purdue University and seven others across the United States. This EBV...
  2. Combat Veterans with PTSD: Stigma or Solution to an Enigma?

    Everyone seems to want to help Combat Veterans who through necessity and sometimes via a stigma are drawn to self-employment via franchising and small business entrepreneurship. A problem however is there are so many educational efforts, government initiatives with a plethora of different small business service providers and multiple nonprofit...
  3. VBS seeks support for its VA Self-Employment Pilot

    VBS seeks support for its VA Self-Employment Pilot  to help build the  small business dreams for those that have borne the battle. Since the beginning of 2012 I have been working to prove out a self-funding business model for use by aspiring Service Disabled Veteran entrepreneurs (SDVs), especially those with...

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